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Recruitment Statistics - June 2024

Job Flow Index

The Firefish Job Flow Index allows you to explore recruitment statistics drawn from over 750 recruitment agencies. 

Recruitment Overview

Following a positive period of growth for job creation and placements, June experienced a slowdown and a decline compared to May. While month-on-month performance is down across the board, performance in Q2 has outstripped Q1. Placements in Q2 were 32% higher than in Q1 and while June has seen a drop in the volume of placements this is still 24% higher than the Q1 average. 

In June:
The total volume of placements decreased by 8%.

      - Temporary & contract placements decreased by 6%.
      - Permanent placements decreased by 10%.  

These decreases are matched by a reduction in the number of jobs being created across the UK. Businesses commonly take a cautious approach to recruitment around a General Election and this can be seen in the decline in the number of jobs created in June. 

Temporary and contract placements decreased by 6% and 6% fewer jobs were created. Only one sector, Finance & Accountancy, experienced an increase in temp and contract placements in June. A 54% increase was achieved in this sector. 

Permanent placements decreased by 10% and the volume of jobs created decreased by 10% also. Every sector experienced a decrease in permanent placement volumes in June.  

The volume of applications made in June decreased by 14% to the lowest level so far this year.

The monthly Job Flow Index analyses recruitment statistics and industry trends to provide recruitment agency leaders with insight into market conditions.

Placements by sector

Permanent placements in the professional services sector decreased by 10% in June. 

Temp & contract placements in the professional services sector decreased by 33% in June.

Professional Services

Finance & Accountancy

Permanent placements in the finance and accountancy sector decreased by 8% in June. 

Temporary & contract placements in this sector increased by 54% in June.


Permanent placements in the technology sector decreased by 21% in June. 

Temporary & contract placements in the technology sector decreased by 21% in June. 

Jobs created and number of placements

The number of jobs created decreased by 8% in June. The total number of placements made decreased by 9% in June. 

The total number of placements made in June 2024 was 2% higher than in June 2023. 

The number of permanent jobs created in June decreased by 10%.

There was a 4% decrease in the number of permanent placements made in June.

The number of temp & contract jobs created decreased by 6% in June.

There was a 10% decrease in the number of temp & contract placements made in June.


Temp & Contract


Explore monthly recruitment statistics including agency placement trends. Compare jobs created to placements made and explore performance by sector. 


Permanent placements in the construction sector decreased by 37% in June. 

Temporary & contract placements in the construction sector decreased by 6% in June. This remains 9% higher than in June 2023.

Engineering, Manufacturing, Logistics & FMCG

Permanent placements in the engineering, manufacturing, logistics & FMCG sector decreased by 19% in June.

Temporary & contract placements in this sector increased by 26% in June.

Sales & Digital Marketing

Permanent placements in the sales & digital marketing sector remained flat in June. 

Temporary and contract placements in sales & digital marketing decreased by 45% in June. 

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Blue Collar

Permanent placements in the blue collar sector decreased by 29% in June. 

Temporary and contract placements in blue collar sector decreased by 16% in June.

Recruitment Marketing Statistics

Explore monthly recruitment agency marketing trends. Discover how different recruitment marketing strategies are  performing. 

Application Source

The source of applications for your agency's job is a good indicator of the strength of your agency's brand presence and candidate loyalty. 

In June 68% of applications were made by new candidates

In June there was a 14% decrease in the total number of applications. Applications from existing candidates decreased by 15%. Applications from new candidates decreased by 14%.

Job Adverts 

This chart shows the number of new job adverts posted each month across all sectors and platforms. Multiple adverts can be posted per job, but this data indicates the volume of active adverts per month.

The number of job adverts posted increased by 7% in June. 

The number of quality applications per job remained steady at 5 in June. 

Throughout 2023 there was a steady rate of 5 quality applications per job.

Quality Applications Per Job

Applications from re-engaged candidates

89% of applications from re-engaged candidates were generated by Job Alerts in June.

Candidate applications from web sources

64% of applications from web sources were generated by Job Boards in June.

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Spec CVs Sent

The sending of speculative CVs (when there is no formal role available) can indicate market confidence and business development activity. There is a clear correlation between Spec CV activity and the number of jobs created in any given month.

There was a 4% decrease in the number of spec CVs sent in June. 

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