How partnering with Firefish made placing candidates easy🤝

Wote Street People weren't generating any benefit from their CRM. The candidates weren't nurtured and the data wasn't updated, so it became admin work rather than a valuable tool. 

Managing Director, Maxine, explained: "We weren’t using our database before Firefish – keeping it up to date was a struggle, so our consultants didn’t even look that way when they were working a new role. Most would go externally; not realising they already had four-thousand potential matches. It was a waste of resources.

The Challenge

The Solution

Wote Street People spent years window shopping for a new CRM before discovering Firefish and realising the potential it offered.

“We were looking for a new CRM for a few years, never actually committing.

What Firefish allowed us to do is really focus on perm – and made marketing our jobs and placing candidates easy. The migration was seamless, and the onboarding was a lot easier than I expected it to be.” 

The Impact

Applications from existing candidates increased by 26% and significant savings were made by reducing job board spend. 

How Wote Street People Amplified ROI With Firefish Software

Choosing Firefish was a no-brainer.
So many recruiters work a certain way because that’s how their software is laid out. It’s about finding a software that makes it easy to work the way you want – and we’ve got that with Firefish.
Our consultants trust the CRM now – they didn’t before. 

Maxine Hart

Managing Director, Wote Street People

Applications from re-engaged candidates increased by 26% 

“We’ve definitely seen an increase in placements since using Firefish, especially on the perm side. It keeps the database engaged and allows us to automate our processes and communications – which obviously increases our consultants' efficiency.”

By utilising Firefish sourcing and communication features, Wote Street People were able to finally create an engaged, up-to-date database, handle more accounts at once, and increase their number of internal applications by 26%.  

How Firefish helped to amplify ROI

One of the biggest changes Wote Street People was able to make was reducing their job board spend, as well as the time spent on them. Firefish enabled Wote Street People to streamline their distribution channels and focus on the areas that generated a positive ROI, reducing costs whilst doing so. 

The job board multiposter saved us a lot of money - now, instead of using third-party platforms, we only work with Firefish automation features and the CV-Library integration.

Now, with a fully engaged database and thanks to a built-in multiposter and CV-Library integration, they have managed to significantly improve their efficiency and reduce spending. 

Wote Street People were able to significantly reduce their cost-to-fill as a result. Maxine added: “Alongside the AI advert generator, Firefish has made making placements so much easier – and allowed us to place more quality candidates."

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Wote Street People's Story

Wote Street People is a recruitment agency with over 30 years of experience in providing exceptional staffing solutions. They have become a trusted partner for both clients and candidates, specialising in various sectors, including engineering, finance, and IT.

With a commitment to personalised service and a deep understanding of the evolving job market, they have built a strong reputation for connecting top talent with leading businesses.

Two years ago, Wote Street People decided to switch their old CRM to Firefish – which not only helped them grow their revenue, but also made them feel valued and heard… 

Basingstoke, UK

Founded 1989

1-10 Recruiters

Firefish has allowed us to realise the value in our database and our consultants really trust the CRM now.
We actually use the database and remember that we have four-thousand people sat there actually looking.

Maxine Hart

Managing Director
Wote Street People

We use the Outlook MS 365 extension excessively.
It made our entire communication process so much faster and easier – instead of having to copy emails from one place to the system, it does it automatically. No communications are ever lost, all the records are always there, and limits the amount of human error.
Beyond that, the SMS communications are great and we make sure to use it often – because people actually respond to it.
Candidates might ignore emails or even phone calls, but we’ve seen great results with text messages. Being able to nurture people obviously builds loyalty, but Firefish automates it all and makes it a lot easier and more efficient.

Streamlined Candidate Engagement

The Firefish Team are incredibly supportive and so friendly.

Often customer support just refers you to the manual, but at Firefish, the guys explain everything, tell us what to do, send helpful videos. Nothing is ever too much trouble.

The community is amazing – and Firefish actually takes feedback on board and translates requests into new features in the system. Even small adjustments, if something’s been suggested by clients, you often then see it changed in the software. I think that’s really powerful. 

A partnership approach to support and success🚀

Maxine Hart

Managing Director
Wote Street People