How partnering with Firefish led to streamlined processes­čĄŁ

IntaPeople were struggling with the amount of manual processes that limited the number of clients they could work with. 

Rob explained: "We used to spend considerably more on job board advertising, paying for candidates we already had but didn't nurture which resulted in human error and many duplicate records." 

The Challenge

The Solution

IntaPeople decided to switch to Firefish after 18 months of searching for the right CRM.

After utilising Firefish Software's automations,  features and integrations, they managed to streamline their processes.

The Impact

Applications from existing candidates increased by 28% and new candidate applications increased by 32%.

How IntaPeople accelerated profitable growth with Firefish Software

With our old system, the CRM was the last resort. 
Now our recruiters are choosing to create everything within Firefish, look at the potential matches, and then jump into the existing candidates to nurture the data that we've already built up. 
Only then do they reach out to external sources, if needed.

Rob Samuel

IT Manager, IntaPeople

Applications from existing candidates increased by 28% 

IntaPeople noticed a dramatic increase in the engagement of candidates within their database after joining Firefish.

Rob explained that before Firefish, the team were required to spend hours on admin work which meant prioritising profitable business opportunities was often overlooked. Since implementing Firefish, IntaPeople has been able to unlock productivity and focus on the tasks that matter.

Rob explained: "Using Firefish has taught us to look from the inside out as opposed to spending a fortune on marketing and paying for candidates we already have. Nurturing candidates already on the database through job alerts and targeted mailshots allowed us to reduce the fill rate and response time quite considerably."

Exploring the data behind the numbers

Through the adoption and usage of the Candidate Portal, IntaPeople have seen a further increase in existing candidate applications, Rob added: "We've seen the number of applications from web gradually increase since integrating the candidate portal, which allows all candidates to manage their own accounts."

32% increase in applications from new candidates

Alongside an increase in applications from existing candidates, IntaPeople has also seen an increase in applications from new candidates.

By enhancing their candidate sourcing processes with Firefish's built-in automation, job board multi-poster and contract generator, they have seen an increase in recruiter productivity leading to the growth of applications from new candidates. 

By utilising sourcing features alongside the introduction of Firefish web integrated their brand presence and applications directly into their recruitment CRM, enabling IntaPeople to increase applications from new candidates by 32%. 

Rob added: "Firefish's job board multi-posting allows us to manage job board postings and quotas more easily and quickly. Firefish increases our recruiters' ability to work with a wider range of clients." 

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IntaPeople's Story

IntaPeople has a resilient history, the Engineering and IT recruitment agency has weathered recessions and market shifts by consistently delivering excellence and industry expertise.

From its foundation by two visionary technology contractors, the agency's core aim has always been to deliver exceptional customer service.

Today, IntaPeople focuses on vertical markets within the STEM industry such as software development, cybersecurity, engineering, and IT infrastructure.  After establishing the business on a database running a traditional desktop application, IntaPeople decided it was time to grow. Rob Samuel, IntaPeople's IT Manager, and his team spent over 18 months considering suitable replacements (also having to take covid & hybrid working into consideration at the last minute) before they decided on Firefish Software. 

And that's when things began to change...

Cardiff, UK

Founded 1994

11-50 Recruiters

Firefish has enabled us to really grow over the years by streamlining our processes and engaging our database. 
For any prospective clients thinking about coming on board, we wouldn't have any reservations - and the support is there when you need it.

Rob Samuel

IT Manager, IntaPeople

Firefish's LinkedIn extension has been instrumental for us at IntaPeople. 
It allows our recruiters to speak to multiple contacts on LinkedIn throughout the day and add them straight onto the database, as opposed to saving them to an Excel sheet or taking handwritten notes.
It's streamlining things more and more which increases productivity, results and the team’s ability to nurture candidates. 

Streamlined LinkedIn Sourcing

Explore Feature

Joining Firefish from a migration perspective was easy.  

The Support Team at Firefish have been amazing. There is no issue too big or too small - and some of the requests we raised initially have translated into features in the system. Over the past 3 years, we've seen the system grow considerably and can’t wait to see what the future holds for Firefish. 

A partnership approach to support and success­čÜÇ

Rob Samuel

IT Manager, IntaPeople