Axion was started by 3 experienced recruiters. Having worked with Firefish previously and understanding how it fits with their data-driven mindset, they built their own agency with Firefish Software.

Sam mentions: "One of our co-founders, Tom, had used Firefish since 2017 with his previous agency. It was an easy choice as we knew we could build an agency centred around the Firefish CRM."

The Beginnings

Axion continues to expand at a rapid rate. In the past 3 years, Axion has opened two regional offices in the US, to expand their operations to San Diego and Philadelphia. 

Their newest US office opened in October 2023, and they're actively recruiting for new roles to grow their headcount further. 

The Partnership

"Firefish made it easy to scale. We've grown from 3 to 19 users and the software has been adapting to our needs as we grow."

Firefish's highly scalable structure made it easy to add new users to their existing system and workflows as they grew. Multicurrency functionality also enabled them to expand into new territories and place candidates in multiple currencies simultaneously. 

The Impact

How Axion Recruitment Increased Revenue Per Recruiter by 37% Alongside Headcount Growth of 500%

Firefish made it easy to scale.

We've grown from 3 to 19 users, and the software has adapted to our changing needs.
The day-to-day functionality has really helped us grow and increase the efficiency and productivity of our team. 

Sam Wild

Operations & Training Director, 
Axion Recruitment

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Putting data at the heart of your
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Axion Recruitment's Story

Axion Recruitment was started with 3 co-founders who have since grown their business to 19 employees. Over the last 3 years with Firefish, their agency has expanded from the United Kingdom to include two locations in the United States. 

The agency focuses on a range of niches within the manufacturing and engineering sectors. They have a wide network of clients and take pride in placing candidates at all levels of expertise and in multiple currencies. 

Having always operated with a data-first mindset, Axion required a Recruitment CRM that enabled them to put data at the heart of their agency - and deliver consistent recruitment operations during their scale-up. And so, the decision to partner with Firefish to grow an agency was easy...

United Kingdom & United States

11-50 Recruiters

 Firefish is just very data-driven, and we will continue to use it throughout the ongoing expansion of our business.
It makes it easy to categorise all data and navigate communications, which reduces the number of unsubscribers and keeps everyone really engaged. 

Sam Wild

Operations & Training Director
Axion Recruitment

We've seen Firefish grow a lot, really changing and developing with new features and integrations, and our growth journey is tied to that.

The support team at Firefish is really, really good. They respond straight away, sort all of the issues quickly, and our needs are often translated onto the roadmap plan and new features in the system. 

Onboarding new users has been incredibly easy as well. Firefish is really user-friendly and easy to navigate, so getting new people onto the system as we've expanded has never been an issue. 

Sam Wild

Operations and Training Director,
Axion Recruitment

A Partnership Approach to Support and Success 🚀

"We're big believers in keeping big volumes of data and going internally first - and that's why we needed a CRM that makes it easy. Otherwise, there's no point having a CRM at all."

Axion Recruitment understand the value of creating a single source of truth at the heart of their agency. With enriched candidates and a proactive engagement strtegy, Axion can operate CRM-first and look internally before spending on candidate acquisition. 

Placement volume increased by 125% in the last 6 months

Sam explained that one of the newer integrations between Firefish and SourceWhale has made it even easier for them to handle higher volumes of candidates and clients and increase efficiency. 

Continued Growth With Enrichment & Engagement

The Firefish x SourceWhale Integration has been vital for us – and made the process of following up with customers really easy. 
Recruiters sometimes get lost with the amount of notes, documents, and things to do with different clients, so having all the information and reminders in one place allowed us to streamline this process and keep candidates engaged.
We gained more jobs with the implementation of SourceWhale integration and we've placed more candidates since then. 

Being able to keep all information, meeting notes, and communications in one place made the recruitment process faster, allowing Axion to place more candidates. 

How Partnering With Firefish Amplified Growth