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How the Best Recruitment Agencies Build a Futureproof Talent Pipeline

Futureproofing your agency means ensuring you are prepared for market shifts and are agile enough to continue generating profits, even when times are tough. With job board prices rising as much as 30-40% in 2023, keeping your agency's talent pipeline full is challenging. When surveyed, 67% of agency leaders told us that they would be focusing on re-engaging their existing databases this year to combat these rising costs. So, we're diving in to explore how you can build a future-proof talent pipeline from your CRM.

The key is knowing exactly where your candidates come from, what talent you've got in your database at all times, and then having the ability to place them quickly. That can only happen when you centre your operations around a recruitment CRM that streamlines your manual work and tracks data. 

The goal is to create a high-converting talent pipeline that sits at the heart of your agency. I must become the first point that you and your recruiters reach for when a new role appears. By creating a warm and automated database, you will less susceptible to market fluctuations and will be able to make placements faster and more accurately. 

Read on to explore how to:

Embed the right processes to amplify ROI

Make data valuable by correctly qualifing candidates

Maximise your data for optimal results

66% of applications from web sources were generated by Job Boards in 2023.

Firefish Job Flow Index | Annual Summary 2023

While job board costs may be on the increase, there is no denying their relevancy in the industry. It is vital, therefore, that agencies are able to make every job advert count to maximise the ROI of every job.

To achieve efficient use of job board adverts there are some key steps that your agency needs to follow. 

Step 2: Make every job advert count

Enrich every candidate application

Win faster by prioritising data

How to maximise every job advert:

Collect candidates through your CRM

To get the best out of your recruitment CRM it must be embedded into all of your internal processes, making it the first touchpoint your recruiters go to when a new role appears.

Listen to Firefish CEO, Wendy McDougall, explain the problem, then hover over the tiles to learn how to set your CRM up for success. 

Step 1: Embed a CRM-first approach into your agency

Make the data valuable

Embed CRM-first processes

Create a single source of truth

Step 3: Make your data work for you

Once you have an enriched database sat at the heart of your agency, it's time to make that data work for you.
A rich database can unlock business development opportunities by giving you the confidence to know you'll find a candidate for your potential client and by giving you the tools to prove that. 

How to demonstrate your agency's data-driven results:

A potential client for your recruitment agency is going to be impressed by only one thing; a demonstration that you can fill job roles, quickly, cost-effectively and with fully compliant candidates.

There is no better tool to demonstrate this than a database enriched with quality candidates and segmented into relevant talent pools. Having the confidence to refer to your database of candidates, and knowing that you have the right people to fill the roles will set you apart from the rest.

Sending Spec CVs is one of the most powerful tools in a recruitment agency's business development armoury and by creating a CRM-first operation you will naturally equip yourself to have the best candidates ready to present. 
Firefish users fill roles 12 days faster than the industry average.

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In order to futureproof your recruitment agency's talent pipeline, the most important step you can take is to embed a CRM-first approach to activities to enable you to put data at the heart of your agency. Without centralising activities, you will be blind to the true performance of your agency and reliant on individual talent who may not remain with your agency indefinitely. 

With a CRM-first approach your agency can unlock a range of benefits when it comes to candidate acquisition, candidate placement and business development.